Thursday, January 11, 2018

JaiSimha Movie review

Usually Sankranthi season works out very well for Balakrishna.. Somehow this time expectations are very less on #JaiSimha ..due to trailers and competition.. and the director KS Ravi ravi kumar who delivered movies like Narasimha is not in that form now..

But I was pleasantly surprised.. JaiSimha begins with a hospital scene in rain affect hinting there would be serious story ahead.. Balakrishna's entrance in Train station is so well done with slight elevation..In the first half Kumbakonam brahmins scene came out very well with exceptional dialogues.. Flow in this half is very smooth as things are connected very well for the conflict between the ASP, #baahubali prabhaker and the Balayya.. Good to see in Brahmanandam after long time, even though it is very regular role for him.. Murali mohan , LB Sreeram excel in this half.. #Ammakutti song is getting whistles from the masses..Interval fight is done well and the twist at the interval leaves a puzzle in the story..

Second half begins with bang in Vizag with young politician's insult on RK Beach road.. But there is drag here in scenes between Nayanathara and Balayya and Haripriya.. A tough triangle love story for hero of that age.. But in order to execute the sentiment, director KS Ravikumar has firmly showed what he has to for the later scenes.. Songs are also not very well here..

Again it picks up well by final scene in the flashback and Climax fight is shot well.. I liked that shot where two villains killed in one act. Then Again Director plans for that final sentimental twist at the end to justify the sacrifice at next level.. Well done.. Prakashraj, nayanathara, Haripriya, sivaji raja , Asutosh Rana all did well here.. Chirantan Bhatt's BGM is good..

I liked the way the content is driven and equally make the masses happy.. Overall good watch for Balayya fans and families ..


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